The Great Divide Ekansh Tambe


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A Journey Across the US-Mexican Border

Never has our country been more divided than on the issue of immigration. The debate over construction of a wall to secure the border with Mexico tops the headlines. The border passes through mountains, hills, desert, plains, rivers, canals, sand dunes, cities, and oceans. Every day, US Border Patrol agents risk their lives to serve us, spending their days in isolation, treacherous terrain, and extreme weather. This photography project chronicles the fence, the culture, and the people as I encountered them while on an eleven-day trek along most of the 1,900 miles of the US-Mexican land border. Agents were kind to share their views on border security and the everyday challenges they face. Residents provided insight into their daily routines and their perspective on the border. As they shared inspiring and heartbreaking stories, I got a sense of the drug situation firsthand, hearing it from the people whose lives have been affected the most. As I listened, the impact the border has on citizens, residents, immigrants, and federal agents began to unfold.
—Ekansh Tambe